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Kearney superintendent says he will fight DUI citation

Kearney School District Superintendent Matthew Miller informed the school board that he was issued a citation for suspicion of driving under the influence after a crash last week.

In a statement to board members, Miller said he was involved in a single-car crash on Friday. He said he suffered a head injury. Miller did not disclose where the wreck happened.Advertisement

“At the scene of the accident, I was issued a citation for suspicion of driving while under the influence, which I intend to contest. It is early in the legal process and the facts of the situation are still being gathered,” Miller’s statement said.

“I understand that the incident will create questions and concerns, and I want to be transparent with our school community. I deeply regret that this situation has developed and understand it may serve as a distraction to some of our students, staff and community members.”

School board president Mark Kelly said that the school board has “high expectations for the character and conduct of our employees. Dr. Miller knows this.”

Kelly noted that within hours of the crash, Miller informed him and other board members about what happened.

“Dr. Miller is a good and decent man who has never been accused of anything like this before. We will trust the legal process to work and provide a conclusion to what has been cited. While this issue is being investigated and resolved, we affirm our steadfast commitment to Dr. Miller as the leader of our school system. At the conclusion of this process, if there have been any legal or policy violations, the Board of Education will address them at that time,” Kelly said in a statement.

Miller remains on the job.

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